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Engine Oil
Our aluminum brazed engine oil coolers are designed to be the most efficient, durable, and reliable oil coolers in the markets we serve. We offer two types of oil coolers to meet all the cooling strategies of our customers, air-to-oil, and water-to-oil.

Our air-to-oil coolers fall into two categories:
• Plate oil coolers, which are robust designs that are designed to perform in harsh environments that are found in the lawn & garden and industrial markets.
• Plate & fin oil coolers, which are higher performing oil coolers commonly used in the automotive and powersports markets

Our water-to-oil coolers also fall into two groups:
• Matrix plate oil coolers, which are commonly mounted on engines and use water from the engine cooling system circuit to cool the engine oil.
• In-tank plate oil coolers, which mount in the tank of the Radiator.

Tube and Tube and Hose Assemblies
Our tube and tube & hose assemblies are constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, and low carbon steel, and are designed to reliably transfer engine oil throughout your application. Our many connection designs and hose offering allows us to design the most reliable and efficient products for our customers.