Engine Cooling


TWI radiators are designed using patented technology that ensures your product’s cooling system is durable and reliable. Our patented “Big Foot” tank seal provides a more robust tank-to-header seal over the conventional header-to-tank joints found on our competitors’ designs.

Our patented “Stress Flex” side support design allows the radiator core to flex during thermal and pressure cycling without compromising the structural integrity of the radiator. We conduct all thermal and pressure testing in house.

Core sizes range from a single row header design of 16mm, 26mm, 32mm, 36mm (B-tube design) thick, to a double row header design of 56mm and 68mm thick.

Radiators are generally offered in two types of construction:
• PTA – Plastic Tank and Aluminum Core
• Aluminum Tank and Core
• Brazed Tank
• Welded Tank

Coolant Lines

Coolant lines are manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel, and low carbon steel. Brackets and saddle tubes are easily added with our state-of-the-art brazing and welding technologies.